Join a Single’s Ministry

Single’s Ministries are groups of unmarried adults, in all age ranges, some parents and some not, who gather in churches for worship and learn from the scriptures, but also gather for fun and friendship. It is not a dating venue and is not intended as simply social, it is a church group but you’d be surprised to find out how many people are involved in these groups, the variety of outlets they participate in together and the richness of their friendships.  They are living life together and having a blast doing it!

How do I find a group?

  • Call your local church, or one near you.
  • Ask them, “Do you have a single’s ministry?”
  • Clarify your age so they refer you to the correct one.
  • Tip: Confirm what time they meet before you show up to church. Often they will only meet one of the two to three services times and it is easy to miss class and end up only going to service, never having met another singles adult.
  • Ask for the name of their group’s Facebook or Twitter feeds so you can check it out and see what they do on days other than Sunday. This is sometimes a way to get connected if you are uncomfortable initially going to church.

If Church is Uncomfortable for you but you’ve always wanted to go?

  • Join the groups Facebook page.
  • See if you have any friends in common, or people you know from somewhere else.
  • Friend them and let them know you are interested.
  • Go to an event that isn’t at church to get to know everyone.
  • Slowly build those friendships. In time, it won’t be uncomfortable because you know everyone.
  • Take it slow, and do only what you want to do.

What kinds of things do they do outside of Church?

  • Fitness Groups.
  • Parties and Social Outings.
  • Small Group Bible Study.
  • Outreach and Volunteering.
  • Foody-Groups.
  • Game Nights at the local Pub.
  • Vacation Trips.
  • Holidays and Opportunities to spend them with friends, rather than being alone at home when you can’t travel to see family on holidays.
  • Roommate Networking.
  • Crisis Help and Support in Times of Need.


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