Career Options for Single Parents


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By: Tim Milles

It can be difficult to balance a career with a life as a dedicated parent. However, there are some career options that will provide you with a manageable budget and schedule. Explore these career options to find a viable path for you:


A career in the foodservice industry allows for flexible hours and high wages, before, and especially after, you factor in tips. You can wrap the schedule around your child(ren)’s school hours and end up on top.

Online Freelancing

Currently freelancing, or directly providing your valuable services to customers and companies, is a booming career path. Your income and schedule may vary, but you can work from home. Sites like make it easy to consistently find work.

In-Home Child Care Provider

Some states and provinces don’t require a license to provide in-home daycare for 1-2 children. This is a great option for those able and willing to take in and care for extra children in their household and make a good sized income from it.

Real Estate

It can be quick and easy to get your real estate license through a short series of classes . As an independent agent, you’ll be able to set your own hours, and depending on where you live, there may be little travel time. You’re also presented with an opportunity for a large income.


A career in the education field, whether it be as a freelance teacher or a tutor, has flexible hours which, along with vacations, may line up with those of a single parent’s school-aged children. There is a great demand for this career, from private tutoring to virtual classrooms, using video and text communication.

Customer Service

Many companies are turning to third-parties for their customer service needs. This saves them the costs associated with in-house operations, and allows you to work from home and spend time with your child(ren).

Virtual Assistants

The VA is essentially a secretary that works from home. Through video calls or instant messaging, the VA sets up meetings, books arrangements, and performs similar tasks. This provides flexible hours and a large income.
Many companies are shifting their systems to allow for a more inclusive workforce. There is a large selection of options for a single parent to have a fulfilling career path. In this modern age, you can explore each and find which one is right for you.

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