Prejudice Against Single Parents


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By: Tim Milles

Even in modern society, there is unfortunately still a certain stigma associated with being a single parent. It can be difficult to know how to respond when faced with it, especially side by side with your children. These prejudices are often based off of misconceptions, so here’s the knowledge you need to be able to shoot them down when they come along:

Single Parents are Not Irresponsible

Some people incorrectly stereotype single parents as people who care more for themselves than their children, and put all their energy into superficial pursuits, in turn neglecting their children. This is not true at all. Often times, single parents actually put nearly all of their time and energy into their children. Many parents think their children might even be better off now than if they had stayed with their partner.

Single Parents Aren’t Alone or Lonely

Single parents tire of being labelled as an “at risk” family just because there is only one parent in the mix. They receive a wide network of support from close family and friends who are more than willing to help them out with anything they might need. Single parents are strong people who, rather than feeling alone themselves, focus on having their purpose as catering to the betterment of their children’s lives.

Single Parents Should Not Feel Guilty

Raising a child as a single parent in no way makes you inferior to those in traditional families. If anything, many single parents believe that it is much more difficult to raise a child alone. Be proud of what you’re doing, and if you care so much about how good of a parent you are, then you’re already on the right track. When you’re getting the blame game pushed on you, remember that there is really no reason to put the word ‘single’ in the mix. You’re simply a parent, after all.

Single Parents Don’t Resent Their Situations

Not all single parents are resentful about their situations. It may sound interesting when people apologize to you when you mention that you’re a single parent because while it’s not easy, it certainly can be fulfilling and rewarding. It can pull the best out of you and shine that right onto your children, making you rise to the challenge on more than a couple of occasions. There is never a need to be ashamed of being a single parent.
It’s upsetting that there is still a stigma associated with single parenthood. However, we can work as a society to change the common viewpoint to a positive one, and it starts with supplying the correct information which is purely based off of experience. Don’t let others sway you to feel differently than you really do.

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