No Idea What Career Path to Take?


As a single mother it is difficult to decide what to do for a career. You have to provide financially, but as I learned from personal experience, if I am going to spend so much time away from my kids I would prefer to do something I love and that I can do long term. I was wanting stability and sustainability.

There is a new resource in Austin called E210 Career Counseling. E210 (Ephesians 2:10) Career Theory says that you were created for a purpose, no mistakes have been made, even the smallest quirks were designed in you for a reason. The good work God has planned for you has everything to do with who He is, and what He values.

E210 will walk you through a process of self-discovery, peer-processing, career counseling, or self-assessment where you can identify interests and traits within yourself. These different traits can be aspects of your personality, strengths, skills, interests, values, etc. From there they will work with you to identify your roles in life, preventing burn-out which as a single mother I am sure you understand, and plan a path toward the career of your choice. They won’t do the work for you, but the guidance you’ll receive will aid you to finding your calling in life.

Attachments available for downloads (Free of charge):

If you would like to meet with someone regarding career counseling:

  1. Go to: Austin Stone Institute Residents and Interns Appointment Site.
  2. Create an account.

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