Financial Abuse, a Hidden Form of Family Violence

I never used to think it was a form of abuse to monopolize the financial decisions and budgeting in a family. Controlling maybe, but that’s all; until I experienced it. The spouses who experience this often don’t recognize this as abuse either, simply because it isn’t talked about much, especially when the spouse is being well provided for. In some cases, if the spouse has left an abusive relationship prior, this kind of control may feel like love initially. They believe they are being provided for and protected, that is until things take a turn for the worse and now they need to get out, only to find out that they can’t.
Signs that you may be a victim of this kind of abuse:
1. Forced to hand over their pay cheques to their partner.
2. Not given access to bank statements and other financial documents.
3. Has money withheld or be forced to leave their job so that they are financially reliant.
4. Coerced into signing bank loans and other financial documents.
5. Loses their job because of the stress of family violence affecting their performance.
6. Forced to do without basic necessity (medical care, proper diet, etc.) to make dollars stretch to provide for children’s needs, while the controlling spouse continues to live a normal lifestyle.
7. Told on a regular basis that they are less mathematically capable, justifying their behavior.
If you are experiencing these things, or know someone who is, talk with a counselor to explore whether or not it is abuse.

Check out this article posted by The Guardian. Financial Abuse

By Vanessa Jackson, MABC, LPC-Intern
The Timothy Center
Supervised by Jimmy Myers, LPC-S

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  1. This is such an informative piece. So important to think about. Thank you for sharing!

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