Austin Texas Work-Study Program: Medical Field

Capital IDEA is a sponsorship program that provides both school and employment. Similar to a traditional scholarship program, Capital IDEA offers financial support to adults pursuing higher education. Two important distinctions set Capital IDEA apart from a standard scholarship program: our mission, and our methods.

– Difference 1: A Mission Focused on Employment
Our mission drives us to connect with the local employers and support adults in targeted, career–oriented fields. Our ultimate goal for our participants is employment.

– Difference 2: Methods of Addressing Multiple Barriers
Our methods include the additional support and guidance outlined above to ensure our non-traditional students are successful. We aim to help our participants overcome common barriers that prevent low–income adults from entering skilled occupations. The inability to pay for the necessary education is only one barrier. Other common barriers include a lack of familiarity with college and financial aid systems, and being academically unprepared for college level courses.

They will cover your tuition and fees at Austin Community College (ACC), or another pre-approved training provider, for up to an associate’s degree. Note: Only specific degree plans are eligible. For a list of careers sponsored go to

For questions, speak with Ron Modesty

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