Brave Parents Support Groups

One of the most difficult things about being a single parent is not having another person to hold you up when life gets challenging. Compound the struggles with deciding to put your teen or young adult in a residential or treatment program, and it can feel like the world is on your shoulders. For those considering this, you do not have to be alone. Brave Parents provides a safe and nurturing place for parents, married and single alike, who need support in making some of life’s most difficult decisions for their adolescent. They provide information, support and hope for parents on the journey to a healthy family.

Their group meet monthly for support, whether they are considering treatment options for their child or if their child is currently in treatment. In addition to providing advice, counsel, and lessons learned from personal experiences, Brave Parents invites professionals from Austin and across the country to provide information and resources to our parents. This is somewhere you really can find the kind of support and encouragement you need.

To attend a support group go to: Brave Parents Support Groups

To see the confidential blog, go to: Brave Parents Blog and becomes a member.

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