The Austin Yellow Bike Project 501c(3) is a volunteer-powered initiative to put bicycles on the streets of Austin and Central Texas by operating community bike shops, teaching bike mechanics and maintenance, and acting as a local bike advocacy group.

YBP has a very popular program called Earn-a-Bike. Whether you’re short on the scratch to buy a bicycle or you want to know everything that’s making your ride roll, Earn-a-Bike is a fantastic path towards transportation empowerment!

You’ll need to complete two goals to earn your bike.
  1. One is skill-based: you’ll work your way through a checklist of bicycle repair basics, learning how to do everything from fixing a flat to straightening a stem to overhauling a bottom bracket.
  2. In the process, you’ll also be moving towards the second goal: volunteering at least 24 hours within a three-month period. Once you’ve learned all the fundamentals and put in the time, you can pick out a bike to keep as your own, and have access to whatever components you need to build it up and ride it with pride.
Simply stop by during any Open or Volunteer Shop and talk to a Coordinator to get started. You can preview or even print out the Earn-a-Bike form by clicking here.

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