Grateful Thread

2Fold presents Grateful Thread, a free shopping experience.

We celebrate the women in our paths just as much as the women we don’t come across as often. We exist to celebrate sisterhood through generosity and friendship. 


We believe we’re all in it together, and that’s why we need to stand by each other with loving kindness.

Our event is more than a chance to clean out your closet. It’s an opportunity for the ladies of Austin to come together and say, “What’s mine is yours!” We are collecting gently used women’s clothes + accessories in order to turn around and share them with others.

We’re pulling items from our closets that we love, but are ready to share with another woman who may need it even more. GRATEFUL THREAD is a chance to love our neighbor, be generous, plus, it’s just plain fun.

Check out their website for their next event!
Grateful Thread Austin

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