Meet the Founder

Vanessa Jackson was once a single parent herself, experienced a difficult divorce, financial struggles, not to mention the emotional and mental recovery all go through during this transition experience. She consistently fell in the gap between making too much money to qualify for assistance, but not making enough to provide on her own. Unable to get state assistance, she started looking elsewhere for help and found three common needs going unmet:

  1. There are few resources for those who make more than the minimum financial requirement yet still don’t make enough to provide on their own.
  2. There is little affordable individual counseling available for the needs and struggles specific to single parents.
  3. Resources, already available throughout the city and nation-wide, are hard to find because if you are actually doing your job as a single parent, you don’t have the time it takes to find them.

Developing a ministry that would provide for these needs is what led Vanessa to attend Dallas Theological Seminary where she obtained a Masters in Biblical Counseling. The four and half year goal was all in preparation for the Abigail Network. She believes that adversity serves as both a learning experience and an opportunity for future success and happiness. There is no better motivator than the discomfort this life transition creates. Recognizing and using it for future betterment is key.

Vanessa is now married, a mother of four, lives in the Lakeway TX area, and provides counseling at the Timothy Center.

You can find Vanessa Jackson at:
(or) call her to make an appointment at: 512-331-2700 ext 708
Supervised by Jimmy Myers, LPC-S