Is Your Church Single Mom Friendly?

A Book
By: Jennifer Maggio

The Church and the Single Mom
 by Jennifer Barnes Maggio is an excellent resources to get you started answering this question.

  1. Are you doing all you can to reach out to the hundreds of single moms in your community?
  2. If she happened into your church one Sunday morning would she feel welcomed and loved?
  3. Would she get the sense that she was at home?
  4. That she, like the woman Jesus rescued from the stones of her accusers, wasn’t being judged or condemned but raised up and valued – no matter how she ended up a single mom?
  5. Would she find hope, the hope of Jesus Christ?

In this book, The Church and the Single Mom, Maggio introduces you to the single mom and shows you why we as a church are called to care for her and her children. The numbers are staggering. And if we don’t reach behind those numbers to the women and children caught in the epidemic to help, who will? Maggio not only demonstrates the problem but provides a step-by-step guide to starting a life-changing single moms ministry. And she should know. She is not only a former single mom herself but one who founded and runs one of the nation’s largest single moms ministries and has helped launch more than 70 such ministries across the country. She’s a Rock Star!

This book can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and 

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