Date Night with Myself

“Maybe there are some of you out there that are sick and tired of the online dating game. Sure, we can learn a lot from {the time suck of} swiping left and right for hours on end, then maybe having some never-ending texting conversations that lead nowhere… and maybe, just maybe a real date or two! (What?!) Then it happens… the person is too busy, ghosts you, is clingy, overbearing or turns out to be a nut job (this goes for you ladies, too!). If you keep on the cycle of online dating long enough, you just might experience some of these things! Ok, seriously though… it’s time to reclaim that {wasted} time for yourself!”

This is why Niki Taylor created the website Date Night with Myself.  Learn about yourself, enjoy the little things in life and be the best YOU that you were created to be! And you never know… maybe you’ll discover some new things about yourself along the journey.


  • Live Music
  • Movie Theater
  • Table for one at a nice restaurant {embrace saying “Party of 1”}
  • Netflix comedy special + your favorite drink
  • Candlelight dinner at home
  • Art Gallery + Coffee Shop
  • Day trip to nearby town + dinner at the best local restaurant
  • Festival… venture out and try a new food
  • Ice Cream + tons of toppings
  • Bookstore… find a book on a new hobby
  • Beach + your favorite drink
  • Kayak or canoe at the lake {don’t forget your life vest}
  • Try a new recipe at home + turn up the music
  • Local brewery or winery
  • Bathtub + your favorite drink
  • Bed + Book + Snack
  • Pedicure + your favorite drink
  • Find the best burger in town
  • Shop for a new scent or outfit
  • Check out a stand up comedy show
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Video games + your favorite cookies

Check it out and make sure to journal or make notes in your phone about your process. Don’t forget to tag @datenightwithmyself in your photos and #datenightwithmyself. Find Niki’s datenightwithmyself on Instagram at

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